$30 off on Wacom Intuos5 PTH450 Touch Small Pen Tablet (Refurbished By Wacom USA)

Save $30 on Wacom Intuos5 PTH450 Touch Small Pen Tablet (Refurbished By Wacom USA) and get it for only $139.99 (Regular $169.99) with Free Shipping. Expires: 07/28/2014

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About the Wacom PTH-450

The Wacom Intuos5 Small Pen & Touch Tablet is designed for working professionals and serious creatives. The Intuos5 represents a high-quality touch and pen tablet experience with several advantages over other systems. It speeds production time for photo editing, design and art creation. Plus, the latest pen tip sensor technology and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity allow you to capture subtle nuances of pressure, so you can dynamically adjust exposure, brush size, opacity and more with astounding accuracy.

The tablet shape and surface are engineered to enable ergonomic, consistent strokes, even over long periods of time. The innovative, ambidextrous design allows you to maximize the productivity of both your hands. Plus, having eight ExpressKeys and Touch Ring on the same side of the tablet ensures that they are perfectly positioned for the hand that is not holding the pen.

The Intuos5 takes into consideration several aspects of a professional’s workflow, including software integration points, demand for performance and demand for comfort. Its programmable ExpressKeys allow you to activate time-saving shortcuts and modifiers in each of your applications. Plus, the finger-sensitive Touch Ring provides intuitive control of scrolling, zooming, brush size, canvas rotation and layer selection. There’s also a central toggle button allows you to control up to four different functions in each application.

The Wacom PTH-450 is commonly used for Upgrade and more.The Wacom PTH-450 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Quality oriented among others.The Wacom PTH-450 is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Wacom PTH-450: Easy to set up, Easy to use, Fast and Good power output.

Wacom PTH-450 Features

  • Compatible with both PC Mac OS
  • Express view display (HUD)
  • Display toggle
  • Wacom wireless kit supported by RF technology (sold separately)
  • Six programmable Express Keys (Small)
  • Finger sensitive input with user-defined Touch Ring controls for up to four functions
  • Multi-finger touch display
  • Advanced pen tip sensor
  • Application-specific settings
  • Bundled software download program

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