2 Best Remedies To Remove/Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally In Men!

Suffering from kidney stones? Try these simple home-remedies at home to remove or dissolve it at the earliest. 

The first and foremost thing you need to know is,

 What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are the solid minerals and salt deposits in the kidney due to a number of factors. These stones have variations in sizes.

Kidney stones not only occurs in humans but also in animals too. 

What causes kidney stones? 

There is a wide range of reasons for the occurrence of kidney stones.

It can be hereditary, or even because of your recent intestinal/gastric bypass surgery, over-weight, diet, or can be even due to medicines you take like calcium-based antacids. 

Even diabetes, high blood pressure, or any of the health conditions can induce kidney stones.

Apart from all these causes, the most important factor is dehydration. So it is necessary that you take water and liquids at regular interval intervals in a day and keep yourselves hydrated. 

World reports show that the probability of kidney stones is 13% in men and 7% in women. Once keystones are developed and treated, there are high chances of re-occurrence in humans say within 5 years or even 10 years. 

So in addition to adequate intake of water, I would suggest you choose either of the below easy-peasy

Home-Remedies To Remove or Dissolve The Kidney Stones Naturally:

#1. Radish Juice:

Radish is one of the easiest traditional treatments of curing kidney stones due to its cleansing and diuretic properties. 

Radish eases the process of digestion and keeps your body hydrated. 

Also, radish cleans your liver, kidneys, and dissolves kidney stones and prevents the formation of gall bladder stones. Radish helps in the excretion of calcium oxalates to a maximum level and also flushes out any form of crystals in the kidney. 

To prepare radish juice- 

  • Take 1 to 2 radishes.
  • Scrape the outer skin.
  • Cut it into slices and blend it.
  • Extract the juice from it using a strainer. 
  • Drink it plain or you can also mix it with carrot or lemon juice.

#2. Gokshura Powder

Gokshura powder (botanically termed as Tribulus Terrestris) has a wide range of health benefits according to  Ayurveda. Gokshura has a large number of regional names and is called accordingly in different regions and is known as nerinji mull in Tamil Nadu. 

Gokshura is nothing but a herb and as per Ayurvedic view, it is used for treating many diseases in humans in the form of churna and some benefits includes

  • Treatment of urinary infections
  • Treatment of kidney stones
  • Aids in digestion
  • Improves cardiac functioning
  • Treatment of prostate gland disorders

How to take gokshura powder?

Gokshura powder will be readily available in any Ayurveda shop. 

Note- Take medical advice from your family doctor before taking gokshura powder.

There are different ways of taking gokshura powder.

  • Take half spoon to one spoon of gokshura powder and swallow it with water after or before meals as recommended. (or)
  • Take half spoon to one spoon of gokshura powder mix it with honey and swallow. (or)
  • Take the same proportion of the powder and mix it with milk and drink once or twice in a day as advised. 

Do consult a doctor

If you do not pass out the stones in the early few weeks of diagnosis and if you undergo any of the following symptoms 

  • Intense and continuous pain
  • Fever and chills
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea 
  • Blood in the urine

Key takeaways- 

Kidney stones can be treated at home and can be passed out in urine without any complications. But if you are uncomfortable due to the pain and feel treatment at the hospital is the best option, then go for it. If you, by chance pass out the stones via urine, do not forget to store the stones. Yes, you have to submit the stones at the hospital to check the type of stone for the early prevention of kidney stones in the future days. Above all, keep your body hydrated always and urinate at proper intervals. Stay home and stay healthy! 

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