5 Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make In the Gym!

5 Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make In The Gym? – Gym Tips For Beginners

They ignore the 80/20 rule.

This states that 80% of your results come from 20% of what you focus on.

There are several ways to defeat yourself at the gym. For example, you can easily injure yourself by lifting, running, or using machinery improperly or even eating the wrong foods earlier in the day can lead to an energy drain that makes your workout all but useless.

So here are the 5 most common mistakes beginners make in the gym.

1. Not Learning the basic principles of the big moves.

As a beginner, I had NO clue how to perform a squat, a bench press. Deadlift? Forget it.

I mean I knew what it was, but I had no idea how to safely perform them.

As a beginner, you should watch tutorials on these big moves and put them to practice at the gym.

Here are the moves YOU should learn how to do:

2. Not know how to train. As a beginner, do full-body workouts for 3–4 months

Hell, all those fitness magazines had me doing a bunch of curls for 15 or more reps.

Yeah, I felt nice, but muscle growth was minimal.

If you are just starting to go to the gym I highly encourage you to do full-body workouts with those movements.


Compound exercises recruit the most amount of muscle fibers, and since you’re doing step 1 already, you should be on your way to making gains.

3. Chase the pump.

You must lift heavy

I was afraid of lifting heavy.

That significantly hurt my making progress in the beginning.

Great, now you’ve combined 1, 2, and 3.

4. Don’t have a plan.

Have a log of all the lifts you’re doing.

I cannot stress how important this is.

If you are not “progressing” every week in your lift, then you are not forcing your body to change.

Buy a notebook, use your Notes app on your phone, or find whatever way you can to record and have a log of your lifts.

For example, record how many reps, sets, rest, and the weight you did for every exercise.

Next time you hit the gym, try to beat those numbers.

You’ll be making strength gains.

5. Follow random diets.

Do you know all those diets out there like Keto, paleo, etc?

Do you know what they have in common?


Do you know what all foods have in common?

Calories and macronutrients.

All foods are made of these. Once you understand that you are eating energy and using it, you will have a better understanding of nutrition.

Food is the energy that nourishes our bodies.

So always remember to take the right diet for the right body.

I hope this blog help you rectify the mistakes you’re doing in the gym.

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