7 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power


Women are better at remembering things, at least according to a Mayo Clinic study. In comparison to men, women have a relatively larger hippocampus as we age, meaning we’re better at storing information such as names, events and directions. According to research, people who exercise regularly have a much bigger hippocampus.Go ClassicalListening to classical music was shown to enhance the genes involved in memory, according to a Finnish study. Thanks for watching!Visit WebsiteGet More SleepA mere 20 minutes of sleep was shown in one study to boost work performance by three times.ExercisePeople who exercise regularly have a much bigger hippocampus than their sedentary counterparts, according to research.Be CraftyA Mayo Clinic study found that people who engaged in creative activities were 73 percent less likely to develop memory problems.Tipple (a little)Those who drank lightly were shown to have a 30 percent lower risk of dementia.Have a Cup (or two) Of JoeCoffee has been linked to a 65 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. NapYour information recall is about five times better after taking a 45-minute nap, according to research.

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