Factors Beyond Carbohydrate to Consider When Determining Meantime Insulin Doses: Protein, Fat, Timing, and Technology

Pharmacist-Provided Diabetes Education and Management in a Diverse, Medically Underserved Population

AbstractFor many years, carbohydrate counting has been a popular strategy for determining mealtime insulin doses for people with diabetes who are on a multiple daily injection regimen or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. This approach assumes that only carbohydrate-containing foods and beverages affect postprandial glucose levels. However, many studies have indicated that the fat and protein content of a meal can play an important role in delaying postprandial hyperglycemia and should be considered when trying to optimize postprandial glucose levels. This article reviews research on making insulin dose adjustments for high-fat and high-protein meals, as well as the timing of mealtime insulin doses.© 2020 by the American Diabetes Association

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