Parents Turn to ‘Pods’ for School During Pandemic

coronavirus on demand pod

Shauna Causey, Weekdays Micro-schools, Seattle.
Lian Chang, parent, San Francisco.
JPB Gerald, doctoral student who researches racism and white supremacy in education, Queens, NY.
Shayla R. Griffin, PhD, co-founder, Justice Leaders Collaborative; author, Those Kids, Our Schools and Race Dialogues, Detroit.
Andrew Lefkowits, host, Integrated Schools podcast, Denver.
Marnie Weinstein, educational consultant, Washington, D.C.
Integrated “On COVID-19 and Micro-schooling, pods and more.” 

The Washington Post: “The huge problem with education ‘pandemic pods’ suddenly popping up.”
Littldata: “Four Types of Childcare and Schooling Pods, Explained.”
Pandemic Pods: FAQ. “If ‘Most Students Should Stay Home,’ What Do I Do with My Kids?” “Some Students Should Go to School, Most Should Stay Home.”
Urban Institute: “How do school funding formulas work?”
San Francisco Department of Public Health: “Tip Sheet: Reducing COVID-19 Risks for Learning Pods.”

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