Midlife – the Crisis – The Good Men Project

Midlife - the Crisis - The Good Men Project

They talk about midlife crisis for men. The time when we are faced the reality of our journey. The dreams and warrior forces still pumping. Yet we see the reality, unwillingly, of all that we wished for or dreamed for, has a use by date. There is the stark reality of what is, what we have. We want more, yet? The times that men chase younger lovers buy flashing red sports cars, until that crashes and reality rears its ugly head again.

Its real, it’s the stuff of countless novels, murders and wars, the mystery of life. Few escape dealing with those demons.

If I don’t leap, what is there? Maybe it is the time to leap. Could it also be the time to open the door to a new way of being in the world. What the fuck is that? Some ideas. Recognizing these longings but knowing that we can aspire to a place of freedom from them. Learning to be responsible for our own sense of peace, and not relying on the dreams and fantasies for that peace. Being compassionate with our self our suffering. Knowing that we can see and belong to the beauty and joy all around us. Being grateful for what is, being a giver not a taker. It’s hard, otherwise we would all be there.

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