5 Surprising Ways to Live Longer


You already know that wearing out your dumbbells and stocking your fridge with clean foods equals a longer, healthier life. Chances are you’re already hitting the gym, piling on the veggies and spending all your time outside the office wearing leggings. You’ve got your healthy habits down. Now, go the extra step to tack more years onto your life with these surprising strategies, all based on research.People who live at higher altitudes tend to live longer and are less likely to die from ischemic heart disease.Thanks for watching!Visit WebsiteSpend More Time on TopResearchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, in partnership with the Harvard School of Global Health, found that people who live at higher altitudes tend to live longer than others and are less likely to die from ischemic heart disease. There are a few hypotheses: some suggest that lower oxygen levels could activate certain genes that change the way the heart functions. Another possible reason? Since higher altitudes mean stronger sunshine, this could mean that the increased solar radiation may help the body to better synthesize vitamin D, which has been linked to reduced risk of disease.Thanks for watching!Visit WebsiteThanks for watching!Visit WebsiteEven if you don’t live in the mountains, give a nod to this research by taking part in activities that involve higher altitudes, such as hiking and skiing.Prevent falls and injuries by strengthening your lower body.Don’t Skip Leg DayWhen you strength train your lower body, you gain balance and stability, which can help to reduce your risk of dangerous falls and injuries, such as hip fractures, when you get older (individuals who suffer hip fractures have been shown to live shorter lives). Train your lower half with exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, seated leg extensions, lunges and step-ups.Shop MoreWhen researchers from Taiwan compared the longevity of shoppers and non-shoppers, they found that women who took regular trips to the store were 23 percent less likely to die during the course of the study. One possible explanation is that shoppers are more physically active and have better mental health than non-shoppers, because shopping provides a distraction from problems. Instead of doing one weekly grocery run, shop for your clean staples three to four times per week. This way, you’re not only getting the freshest ingredients, but you’re also spending more time walking around.There is a direct link between positivity and a longer lifespan. Think HappyIn a review of studies published in the journal Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, researchers found a consistent link between feeling positive and stress-free living and living a longer life. Add more activities into your day that boost your cheer: spend time with friends and family, get active outdoors or pick up a hobby that brings you joy. Get a PetStudies show that pet owners have lower cholesterol and an increased heart attack survival rate than people without furry friends. Consider adding a pet, such as a dog, to your household. Incorporate your pet into your active lifestyle by taking it for runs, visiting parks and exploring new areas together. Taking a walk with your dog is also a great way to warm up your muscles before you strength train.

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