What Can an Online Psychologist Help me With?

What Can an Online Psychologist Help me With?

When you need to get a mental health diagnosis, talk about your problems, or need help with any aspect of your life, you go to a psychologist. Psychologists have spent years studying the human condition and they’re well-equipped to help you.

Because of telehealth advancements, we’ve seen a spike in online psychology. This allows you to talk to a licensed psychologist from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere that has a screen. An online psychologist can help you just as well as a traditional one.

How Do They Differ From a Traditional Psychologist?

Online psychologists use remote methods to communicate with you. While some may prefer face-to-face conversations, not everyone has the luxury of doing that. There are some who have disabilities that make it hard to leave their home. Others may travel a lot, and they don’t have the methods of committing to a single office. Then, there are some people who have odd work schedules and can’t do weekly meetups in-person.

An online psychologist can help you by communicating through text, voice chat, or video. Having all of the above allows them to serve you however possible.

How They Can Help You

You don’t need a world-renowned, famous psychologist to help with your issues. A licensed online psychologist can help with different types of mental health problems, including:


Addiction can ruin one’s life, or at least make it hard to accomplish your goals. When you think of addiction, you may imagine drugs or alcohol, two problems that an online psychologist can help you with. However, addiction can come in the form of food, Internet use, or anything else that can be problematic when not used in moderation.

Anger Issues

We all get angry every now and then, but too much anger can control your life and make it much harder for you to function. When you have a short-fuse, it can cost you your job, your relationships, and possibly your own freedom.

Speaking to an online psychologist allows you to safely explore your anger, what causes it, and how you can go about managing it.


Anxiety can make it difficult to be social, make it a challenge to take risks, and in extreme cases, it impedes every facet of your life. Your mind can play some dirty tricks on you, making it hard to do anything. Psychologists online can help identify any possible anxiety triggers, and use meditation and mindfulness to help lower your anxiety and let you live a better life.


We all have our days where we feel down, but chronic depression can make it hard to get out of bed and live the best life possible. With depression, it can be caused by a situation in your life, or it could be due to a chemical imbalance in your brain. An online psychologist can teach you how to get back on routine, find the source of your depression, and teach you how to manage yourself better during your darkest day.


One issue an online psychologist can help you with is grief. Everyone grieves in their own way, and it may take longer than some cases to go through the grieving process. The stages of grief are also not as linear as you may think.

With that said, if grief has changed how you live your life, or you find yourself unable to function due to it, you may need to seek help from an online psychologist.


Sleep is always good for our minds, but sometimes, we can’t fall asleep so easily. We toss and turn, and when we eventually do fall asleep, it’s soon time to wake up. A couple of bad nights is one thing, but if you’re constantly awake at night, why is that?

Sometimes, it may be due to a psychological issue. You may have something on your mind that you can’t wrap your head around. Other times, your sleep hygiene may be to blame. You may not be prepared enough for bed, and it can literally keep you up at night.

No matter the reason, an online psychologist can help get you a better night’s rest.


We don’t think it’s controversial to say that life can be stressful, and sometimes stress works against you. A little bit of stress here and there can give you the motivation to tackle the source of your problems, but too much stress may lead to various issues, one of them being so overwhelmed your mind works against you.

An online psychologist can help you by allowing you to find the source of your stress and teaching you how you can tackle your stress little by little.

Too Much To Count

There are many different reasons why you may need to speak to an online psychologist. Sometimes, it may not be any of the above. You may need to talk to one just because you feel like you need someone to talk to. This is a perfectly valid reason to talk to a psychologist online.

Any Drawbacks?

On online psychologist can be just as effective in many cases, but there are some disadvantages. There may be people who might be able to convey their points better in person than online. In addition, while Internet speeds are always improving, you do need to consider that sometimes, calls get dropped or there is a delay in conversation.

Otherwise, online psychologists have many of the same advantages, and due to the convenience, they may arguably have more than a traditional psychologist. Of course, this is all subjective.


An online psychologist can help you with many different issues, and life is too short not to get the help you need. There is no shame in talking to a psychologist and getting the help you need. There are different outlets that allow you to connect to an online psychologist, so pick one and see where that will take you. You’ll be glad you did.

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