HIMSSCast: The advertising double standard holding back femtech startups

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In today’s episode of HIMSSCast, guest host Laura Lovett, managing editor of MobiHealthNews, checks in with Maria Velissaris, founding partner at Steel Sky Ventures and Colette Courtion, founder and CEO of Joylux about some of the challenges facing the burgeoning women’s health and reproductive health, or femtech, industry. In particular, they chat about advertising double standards, funding shortfalls, and where the space is headed next.
Talking points:
The underfunding of women’s health tech companies
The advertising double standard in sexual and reproductive health
The downstream effects of inconsistently applied “taboos”
Changing advertising policies through education
How women’s health is not a niche opportunity
Why women VCs aren’t enough to close the funding gap in femtech
The need for a focus on culturally competent care 
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