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Men's Health Matters - The Good Men Project

On my testicular cancer and men’s health awareness website, A Ballsy Sense of Tumor, I write all about my personal cancer journey and men’s health in general. Today, I’m giving you bite-sized summaries of what appeared on the blog in October.

Testicular cancer survivor memoirs (or would they be men-oirs) are one of my favorite niche genres. In November, I reviewed Rotten Fruit: My Testicular Cancer Adventure, in which testicular cancer survivor Jay Elwell shares his story in a hilarious and frank manner.

Read my review of Rotten Fruit: My Testicular Cancer Adventure.

Each month, I profile one fellow Uniballer who has committed to raising awareness about testicular cancer. November’s feature was Brett Hoffland. He works as a reporter for KSTP Eyewitness News, and shared his experience with testicular cancer live on air!

Check out “Brett Hoffland – Sharing His Story on KSTP.”

November marks four years since I started writing A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. Each year, I look back at my favorite posts over the past twelve months and what I’ve learned.

See what I reflected on in “Four Years of ABSOT.”

While some men may not want to talk about it, erectile dysfunction is a topic we need to discuss. It is a symptom, not a disease, Many conditions have the ability to contribute to ED, and why should COVID-19 be any different?

I partnered with Apex Health Center to share some information about COVID-19 and Erectile Dysfunction: A Look at Health Impacts

As a bonus, I am sharing one of December’s pieces: What’s In Santa’s Sack? 2020 Edition

Check out ABSOT’s first annual holiday gift guide, featuring books, games, apparel, and more that support testicular cancer awareness and research.

That wraps up this month’s recap of A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. Until next time, Carpe Scrotiem.



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