Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss: Yes Or No?

Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss: Yes Or No?

Coffee has its own fan following around the world. It is not only popular among the elites but also among the common people. For many years, coffee has been a hot topic to debate for its benefits or side effects. But coffee maintained the status quo in the hearts of several people. To maintain the taste of coffee in taste buds and reap the various other health benefits nowadays people are moving toward green coffee beans. Don’t give extra loads to your brain, it is just a raw form of the coffee beans that you use in your daily life. But unlike normal coffee beans, green coffee beans are not roasted. In fact, these are presented in their raw form and may offer various health benefits, weight loss being one of them.

Difference Between Normal Coffee and Green Coffee:

Normal coffee in our house is roasted till brown color and contains high amounts of caffeine which is a great stimulant that helps your brain to stay active throughout physical and mental activities. Basically, you use it in the morning after just getting up from your bed or before your training as a pre work out supplement. But an excessive amount of coffee may have several side effects that lead your restlessness, obese, indigestion, and many more. In contrast, if we talk about green coffee, it consists of chlorogenic acids as the main stimulant. Green coffee doesn’t consist of a significant amount of caffeine so it is quite safe to consume.

Green coffee beans for weight loss:

People recommend green coffee beans for weight loss. But is it true or just imaginary to achieve weight loss with green beans? Let me break down the information for you. Chlorogenic acid in the coffee beans may help you with various health benefits which include better blood circulation, maintained blood sugar level, insulin regulation, fighting against free radical releases, and many more. But people are using green coffee for weight loss here is why?

  • Green coffee beans may be very helpful to improve biomarkers.
  • It may help in reducing total cholesterol. It may decrease the good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels significantly.
  • Some modest effects have been seen on the triglycerides in the body.

Research On Green Coffee About Weight Loss?

There are several reviews and studies available that show: There are possibilities to lose weight with green coffee. A study was conducted in 2017 on females with obesity. They took 400 mg green coffee beans for at least 8 weeks, followed by calories restricted meals, and found that it helped to lose weight significantly. Researchers also found that breakdown of the fats has been shown in those females’ bodies that helped them to lose weight. With significant exercises, they may increase their weight loss process.

When it comes to weight loss with the help of green coffee beans. Along with weight loss, you may improve overall wellness. With a careful approach like a balanced diet, a good amount of exercise, and hydration, proper sleep, and others you may achieve weight loss every easily.

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