Real Men Feel: Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences [Podcast]

Real Men Feel: Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences [Podcast]

Author, coach, and resiliency expert, Erez Avramov, talks about the life lessons he’s learned from three near-death experiences.

Listen to Real Men Feel, #214, “Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences” here:

Erez speaks to the importance of goals, seeing the gifts in our challenges, and the gap between the medical system and what men really need.

“Resiliency is how we address change and adversity in a way that doesn’t take us down and completely push us into the dark night of the soul.” ~ Erez Avramov

We all go through challenging times and face adversity. Sometimes like in 2020, we go through shared adversity – the same challenge of Covid is hitting the entire planet. Times like these require a tremendous level of adaptability and resiliency from all of us. Erez is a resiliency expert who’s nicknamed “The Man Who Refuses to Die.”

Erez has faced three near-death experiences as well as divorce and a lower leg amputation. Yet, he still focuses on the positive and the possibilities that each challenge offers. He shares his experiences as we talk about the desire men have for control, which is often an illusion.

Rapid change can happen to us all. It isn’t only from near-death experiences. Massive life changes can be triggered by such things as divorce, financial crisis, death of a loved one, end of a relationship, COVID-19, and many other events. There are always amazing lessons in life events like these. Letting go of one thing can allow us to receive so much more.

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Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:49) Tell me about your life before your first near-death experience?
  • (3:18) What is resiliency?
  • (3:46) How old were you the first time you faced death?
  • (6:00) Have you always been so naturally adaptive?
  • (8:09) Did the car accident feel like some sort of message from the beginning?
  • (11:21) Wanting to get back to normal, when we can get even better than that.
  • (14:17) Did your amputation resolve the issues that you hoped it would?
  • (17:50) Is it control that brings us comfort, or is it the illusion of control?
  • (19:30) Did you ever get caught up in pity and “why me?”
  • (25:53) Training for the Dakar Rally, and his 2nd near-death experience.
  • (28:40) Why were you risking your life?
  • (31:55) Erez’s third near-death experience.
  • (37:50) Are three times enough?
  • (39:07) Why do we get tested?
  • (40:41) Why do some people miss those gifts in adversity?
  • (46:26) What are you excited about?


Watch Real Men Feel, #214, “Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences” November 24, 2020

“There is no normal when life changes to such a degree.” ~ Erez Avramov


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