World Cancer Day: Coronavirus Should Not Distract Us

World Cancer Day: Coronavirus Should Not Distract Us

Organized by the International Union Against Cancer (Uicc) Under the slogan “you can, we can”.


Cancer is not a battle from which a person exists victorious or defeated, rather it is one of the thousands of diseases that a person may afflict, and it needs awareness to prevent it first and cure it with simple treatments and a short time through early detection.

Why World Cancer Day

That is why the world unites every year on the 4th of February to fight cancer, and this year it is organized by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) under the slogan “You can, we can”.
This year’s slogan indicates that everyone has the capacity to deal with the burden of cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is interested in cooperating work to reduce the factors that increase the risk of cancer, overcoming barriers to early diagnosis and treatment, and achieving global goals to reduce premature deaths .

How Cancer Happens

Cancer is caused by mutations in the DNA that lead to rapid cell growth, or failure to control the regular growth of them, and these mutations occur for many reasons that may be genetic and hereditary.

The exposure to radiation and some chemicals or infection with some viruses may be the reason behind its creation .

Smoking, passive smoking, drinking alcohol, heavy exposure to sun, frequent sunburn, obesity, and unprotected sex also contribute to an increased risk of cancer.

The cancer day aims to spread awareness and educate people to prevent millions of deaths that occur each year, and to encourage organizations and governments to launch local awareness campaigns about cancer, and to take the necessary measures to combat it.

How to Fight Cancer

The risk of infection can be reduced by eating a healthy diet and performing regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight, in addition to preventing infection with some viruses that predispose to the occurrence of cancer, as well as it is important to conduct regular examination, especially for elderly people and those who have a previous cancer of one of their family members.


World Cancer Day. The Union for International Cancer Control. 2021

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